Known by many names (production team, tech team, creative team, etc) these are the folks that go almost unseen, in any given service, yet they are a vital role to our worship services and help bring the message of Jesus Christ to our guests.

The Sound & Projection Techs are members of the Sunday Morning Production Team. Past experience is not required. There are some skills/abilities that are needed to be a good sound technician. Having a love of music and a value for and understanding of quality sound in a music mix is important. A willingness to work with the worship lead to create mixes that support the worship ministry is vital. Also enjoying listening to music similar to what our worship team plays on Sunday Morning is helpful in supporting what is being done weekly at Crossroads.

Attention to detail is needed as well as the ability to take both positive and critical feedback in order to better craft your skill as a tech.  Our Sound & Projection Techs are also called upon for special occasion services.   

The Stage Crew are also members of the Sunday Morning Production Team and are responsible for setting up all the necessary audio and visual equipment for our worship services and special events.  The stage crew arrive early and leave late. Experience is not required, our team is ready and willing to teach you the ropes. We are looking to grow this aspect of our Team! 

The Graphics & Design Team is responsible for creating a fresh and inviting look for our worship service, special events, social media and printed materials.


This aspect of our Team has two sides:  pre-production and post-production.  In pre-production, we work behind the scenes in coming up with media of all types for our website & social media, sermon series promotions, upcoming events promotions, and assisting other departments in everything music, video and still graphics.  Post-production consists of operating the equipment for our weekly rehearsals, Sunday services and any special events and services we host.

If you would like to join our team, we would love to hear from you!



Join The Team!

Let us know if you are interested in supporting this ministry. Training will be provided. Please provide your full name and phone number, to schedule an interview with this team leader.

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