Our Beginnings

In 2002 Crossroads began from a place of both vision and division. The vision was to see God's message of love spread beyond the walls of the church and throughout Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast. The division came as the group who formed Crossroads broke away from their existing church, Bethel Baptist.

The first few years of ministry were led by a strong board of elders and Pastor Frank Bonkowski. Youth and young families were at the heart of the church as it began, meeting in West Sechelt Elementary. 

The next few years of ministry found Pastor Dean Quilty at the helm of the church. Pastor Dean had a heart for working together with other churches towards a common goal of people knowing Christ.

During this time a relationship began with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. It was recommended by David Hearne, the District Superintendent, that Crossroads spend time with a transitional minister. Gerry Teichrob and Konrad Neudorf would fulfill this role and helped to see Crossroads make some organizational adjustments.

Christian St. John was the next pastor to provide leadership. During this season Crossroads moved from meeting at West Sechelt to Raven's Cry Theatre.

Pastor Joel Defries arrived in December 2012. Joel's passion was and is to see Crossroads take up a missional role in the community - moving into a place of intimacy with Jesus that cannot help but spark change in people's lives. Since Joel arrived Crossroads has moved from being an affiliate church to a member church with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Crossroads has also moved through a reconciliation process with Bethel Baptist.


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