We believe that worship is a lifestyle. In a real sense our very lives are to be lived out as a sacrifice of worship to God. During our gathered time on Sunday's we seek together, to pursue God in the spirit and truth. Our burning heart's desire is to hear our voices lifted and Christ encounterd.

Worship is what happens when we sincerely reflect on who God is, His great wonders and mighty acts, and the price He has paid to reconcile us to Himself forever. To worship in "spirit and truth" is to worship like David worshiped, sometimes with elation and great joy, sometimes in desperation and in crisis, and often times somewhere in between those extremes. But most importantly, it is a daily heartfelt expression of our desire for Him and of our love for Him.

Stylistically Crossroads seeks to be moving in time with some of the global worship flagships and other current worship leaders. At the same time we look ahead and move forward we also remember God's movement through music, psalms and hymns from the past. But above all, our heart is to encounter God in spirit and truth!

What it looks like:

Every Sunday our gathered time begins with seamless worship. In this time we welcome freedom of expression through posture and invite you to join with the gathered church, the body of Christ, singing praise to the Mighty God!