At Crossroads, we love children! We have dedicated time and space for our children to connect and grow together, learning about Jesus every Sundy morning. We have incredibe teachers who are committed to loving and teaching our kids in a safe environment.

On Sundays, you will sign your kids in to our secure, online Kids Sign-In. Here, you and your child will both receive a matching name tag which you will need for pick up at the end of service.  Following our worship time, the children will walk downstairs and join one of the following groups: Nursery: babies to age 2, or Primary-Intermediate: 2/3 years old - Grade 6. Children are taught lessons from the Bible, participate in activities, games or crafts, and meet new friends. Following the service, parents will show the matching name tag to sign their child out. If you have an alternate person to sign out your child, you can provide this person with your name tag, as part of our children's safety plan. 

If you have any questions about our children's ministry, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Click here to link to our Safety & Risk Management Guidelines

Interested? Get in touch...

If you'd like more information on our Sunday School programs or would like to voluteer, please contact Danielle. 

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