At Crossroads, Life Groups are an essential part of community life. Meeting together on Sundays in the larger gathering is important, but it is equally important to meet in smaller gatherings where people live life together. In order to accomplish this we have several Life Groups meeting weekly, each with its own unique atmosphere and emphasis.


(Discipleship Life - Leadership Development) Groups are there to help people grow to become fervent followers of Jesus Christ through the process of discipling, teaching and mentoring.

(Gifting)Life Groups are places where Christians can develop and use their God-given gifts and abilities to help others in our church and our community.  



     It is a key part of all our groups that we are missional. At Crossroads we understand that we are not here to serve and be about ourselves; rather we are here to serve God and join with him in his mission to the world.





(Life Groups at Crossroads are places where Christians can gather together to care for one another through encouragement and practical expressions of love and kindness.)


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